Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Get Back in the Saddle

I can't believe it is already the middle of March!  Wow. I have to admit that the beginning of this month really  sidetracked me from my goals that I set at the first of the year. I had committed to a show last fall that I was invited to and while it was an honor to be asked (and I even won an award so what am I bitching about! ha ha) at any rate it was a big time consumer, distracting and not very profitable. I will say, I really had some help from some wonderful fellow artists and students and I do not regret at all the time that I had to spend time with them and their help was so appreciated.  I did however get pretty bummed out after the show, which was my fault, and so I spent a few days in the deep well of defeat and self pity! I am laughing now ;)

What did I learn? 

Don't just focus on this one moment!
This is my biggest trap that I fall into. I tend to forget all the previous past successes and possible future opportunities. Remind yourself of where you came from and where you are going. When I first started taking art lessons I could give a rats ass about winning awards or selling anything, that wasn't even on my radar. What I cared about was trying my damnedest to learn how to draw, paint and sculpt.

Pick yourself up as fast as you can! 
Really you're only losing more time and missing out on happy moments by being defeated.  The faster you re-visit your written goals (you do have them right?) and get back on task, the better.

Focus on the positives!
Really, I have never been in a situation that did not lead to good somewhere in the future. I've been at many shows where the sales are low and let me tell you it is no fun when everyone is being a bunch of grumpy butts because they aren't selling.  I have been a grumpy butt too, but  there are positives to focus  on and it's not just about a sale.

Be a Realist!
For some reason I think as artists (maybe just humans in general) we tend to take not selling so personally. It's not because we're a bunch of greedy bastards, but because it is a form of affirmation or validation of our work.  So I say, be a realist....there are many reasons outside of the fact that your work must certainly suck that people aren't buying it. Could be it just wasn't the right place or time to cast your net. If the same is happening to the majority of the other artists this is certainly the case. Of course, if you keep doing the same thing over and over and your not getting results -STOP IT! ha ha.

Get the focus off of yourself. There is someone out there you can inspire by making your best art and sharing your journey. We all need each other!

Look to Others!
I am often times a giver and get a lot of fuel by sharing my work with others. When people share that my work is inspiring them, teaching them or motivating them it really fills me up, but sometimes I need that too. Looking at artists you admire or finding new artists can really kick up your desire to get back in the game.

Photos of the recent show:

This month's 1 hour Daily MINIs so far:

"Copper Pot and a Carnation" - 6"x6" - Still available here:

"Copper and Pink Carnation" - 5"x7" -Sold

"Happy Sunrise" - 8"x10" - on auction here:

Three Little Apples - 5"x7" - available here:

"Dramatic Rosebuds" 5"x7" - available here:

It's been getting so sunny and warm out now, here in Oklahoma so I decided to try some still life's plein air :) So much fun doing some cool shadows and warm lights for a change.
"Hot Sunny Carnations" - 6"x6" - available here:

"Foggy Quiet Morning" 6"x6" available here:

"One White Carnation" - 7"x5" available here:

"Sunlit Lilies and Red Glass" - 6"x6" - available here:

"Hot Sunny Carnations" - 6"x6" - available here:

"Sunrise Through the Trees" - 8"x8" available here:

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